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Where's Camron?

Its Funny cuz, me and the other ShittiStreet members just had a long convo about whats going on with Cam. Props to Its good to see Cam in such a good space, and Jimmy and Juelz should feel like shit.

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The Robot Show

wow kind of scary if you ask me…..

A little old but, Pretty Cool to see people that are actually in the game playing. Lol at the Slut, They must of been in “Bohan”

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Yup, E3 kicks off today. Here are the real hot titles…

Oh Man…The Soup is now going into my calender for this one,

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iPhone 3g Sales Techniques

So check this… when you go to buy a iPhone 3g, they let you open the box, feel it up, and then they take it right back. Dumbest shit evAR.

If you haven’t realized by now, i’m obsessed. Just gets better and better…Flame On!

Funny. But if this is true, imagine what happens when chicks drive with these things. - Watch more free videos

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Tired of that corny bitch giving you directions? Turn your shit into KIT, you know you always wanted this.

“All our whips got navigation, while your whips is just garb-ation, Is you knowin what you facin??” -Noreaga