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All I can say is 11.07, dont try and call me

A little old but, Pretty Cool to see people that are actually in the game playing. Lol at the Slut, They must of been in “Bohan”

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Yup, E3 kicks off today. Here are the real hot titles…

If you haven’t realized by now, i’m obsessed. Just gets better and better…Flame On!

Throwback, shit looks fun. See the kid online….


Street Fighter HD

So here goes Capcom and M$ shafting you again. If you want to download this bad ass looking demo/beta, you have to buy “Wolf of the Battlefield”, the XBOX Live Arcade game for 800 points. Now you tell me, who the F wants this game. You might as well wait for the real game to come out, that will probably cost less points anyway. Anyway, the game does look fiya, and AKUMA is back. I’ll see you guys on the scoreboard when this drops, please bring it!

I was sleepin, but I might have to copp a ps3 for this one

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Gears of War 2: Too violent for some?
Chainsaw kills raise eyebrows at San Fran press event
By Mike Smith


As the gaming press gathers on the West Coast for a week of preview events, the sequel to 2006 smash hit Gears of War was by far the biggest news to come out of Microsoft’s Tuesday press conference. Gears 2 takes over the story six months after the close of the original Gears, as humanity faces a new and more deadly threat from its Locust enemies — and features even more explicit violence than its notoriously bloody predecessor. Could Microsoft’s newest action game have gone too far?
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Dark Knight New Ride At Six Flags

Yeah Tri-state, this looks like the ultimate Space Mountain Swagger Jack. None the less I will be checkin this out, after a few weeks of real world testing. I know you jersey heads are probably gonna check this out first, please let me know what you think, if you’re still alive….
More Pics inside..
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