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This is just ignorant and disrespectful. I was a DBZ fan coming up, I can imagine all the heartache that the SERIOUS fans are feeling when they see the hints of what they call fight scenes in this pos. You know something is bad when the preview sucks

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Michael Bay, Audi R8-in it

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ey man, shit is rough….

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this is the perfect name for a movie like this because all there films are the WORST MOVIES EVERRRRR!!!

at least most of the characters look like the people in the movie!!

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thank you

and please make sure your 18 or that your watching it with a parent!!!
thank you now pass the popcorn!

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Now i’m not sure how much Im gonna rock out with Hancock as THE black superhero, but I guess we gotta start somewhere. Big up to Diddy for supporting though….Black Actors Black Actors

So Suspect….

I know the lox are sick of seeing this nigga. Suprised Suge didn’t come and shoot this shit up….

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South Park Episode : No Internet
New Episode of southpark at…Too funny.