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Where's Camron?

Its Funny cuz, me and the other ShittiStreet members just had a long convo about whats going on with Cam. Props to Its good to see Cam in such a good space, and Jimmy and Juelz should feel like shit.

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another jim jones dvd……

looks like they used a camera phone…..good song tho!

……….at Madame Tussauds

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New 3 Series


BMW introduces new 3 series sedan. Main Difference is the new lighting,Revamped iDrive, and available Twin Turbo Engine, More pics inside. Read the rest of this entry »

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1.Max B & Big Mike Return Of The Wave (Intro)
2.Max B - American Slore(Ft. Al Pac)
3.Max B - Get Outta Jail (Ft. Al Pac)
4.Max B - Actin Up (Ft. Mall G)
5.Max B - Feel The Wave
6.Max B - Wave Season (Interlude)
7.Max B - World Is Filled
8.Max B - Oh,Oh,Oh
9.Max B - Nike Boots (New Verses)
10.Max B - I Try (Ft. Al Pac)
11.Max B - Won’t Go
12.Max B - Stay Off The Surfboards (Interlude)
13.Max B - sh*t On Me
14.Max B - I Don’t Wanna
15.Max B - Shut Up bi*ch Swallow (Ft. Al Pace,Mack Mustard)
16.Max B - Gotta Have It(Full Version)
17.Max B - West Coast Wave
18.Max B - Boss Don sh*t
19.Max B - Public Domain 3 (The Album) Comin Soon!!! (Interlude)
20.Max B- Niggaz Done Started Somethin (Ft. Gain Green)
21.Max B - Put You To Sleep
22.Max B - Always Be My bi*ch (Ft. Al Pac,Mack Mustard)
23.Max B- Takin Pictures
24.Max B - Niggaz Aint fu*k Wit Us (Ft. Mitchy Slick)
25.Max B - Million Dolla Baby (Remix) (Ft. Nicki Minaj)
26.Max B - I Just Wanna
27.Max B - Shoutouts

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01.The Million Dollar Backpack (Intro) (Prod. By DJ Jazzy Jeff)
02.Where I Been (Prod. By Jake White)
03.Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know (Feat. Freeway)(Prod. By Orthodox)
04.So Far So Good (Feat. Common) (Prod. By Usef Dinero)
05.Sick (Prod. By Kwame & A Kid Named Cus)
06.(For Real) He Don’t Own Me (Prod. By Bink)
07.My Phone (Prod. By Fusion Unlimited & E-Flat)
08.Yeah Ya Know It (Prod. By Khari Ferrari & Skillz)
09.Hold Tight (Feat. Black Thought) (Prod. By ?uestlove & James Poyser)
10.Crazy World (Prod. Khari Ferrari & Skillz)
11.I’m Gon’ Make It (Prod. By Bink)
12.Be Alright (Prod. By Fusion Unlimited & E-Flat)
13.Hip Hop Died (Prod. Khari Ferrari & Skillz)
14.Preachin’ To The Choir (Prod. By Jimmy “Slim” Rose)